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What Is The Under Network?

The website is my very own personal portal where I bring together my most hand picked quality art,music,gaming,reviews and even some of my own content as well. It is a non-profit organization and I ask permission directly from the artists to be allowed to use their content. Please visit the contact page if you ever need to send me a message to remove your content at any time.

This website serves as a time capsule to archive and keep record of such content and to simply share it with the rest of the world. The content presented here is adulterated,uncensored and unaltered as it always should be. Because not only is the content great but it will also help you discover something new everyday without the opinion of anonymous strangers or large evil corporations.

I am completely dependent on donations to pay for this website's expenses. Please check the website links in the menu above to view the payment gateways that are currently available. Thank you again for visit this website and I hope you enjoy your time while you are here.

About The Creator Of This Site

My name is Alonso Alvarez,I am a natural born Objectivist. I have hatred towards everything,what I do NOT hate are my favorite hobbies and other awesome stuff. I write and post my favorite and most hated content on my website,I show you reality for what it really is,not for what people think. Opinions are not any different than from a lie,opinions destroy lives and entire civilizations.

That is why I choose facts instead,that's what makes me an Objectivist: I observe through all six senses and yes instinct is considered a sense and based on the available information provided is when the conclusion to a decision takes place. Opinions is based on what you think,not for what it is.

I enjoy videos games,anime,weapons,history,science and a lot of other stuff. I am also an excellent conversationalist,even though some people consider me to be antisocial. I choose to be antisocial to avoid having arguments with stupid people,avoiding arguing with them prevents you from stooping to their level. That's their game,you fall for their trap by jumping down from your pedestal instead of making yourself rise higher.

It All Began In High School

The Under Network was created by me since 2006 as my final project for my web design class in high school,out of 150 entries mine had landed in the top 10 most successful and has gone through a lot of bugs,errors and various other distractions over time that had hindered me from completing the site to it's true potential.

It's major purpose is to post my content without restrictions and the freedom to express whenever I want,however I want. I utterly loathe and hate posting anything on other websites and forums,mostly due to the fact that these websites constantly taking everything down mostly because the moderators and admins are incapable of taking responsibility,even more they make up bogus rules to take them down. Don't also forget the endless wave of retards that flood the internet,what do you expect? It's the internet.

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About The Site

My website serves as a portal for me to archive and share content with the rest of the world. No content is used without the direct permission from the original owners.

All of my own original content posted on this website is my own property and cannot be used without my direct strict permission,enjoy your visit here on the site and feel free to look around for anything that may interest you.

Directly here to your left are a list of some of my favorite websites that I visit very often and have continued to follow for many years.

The Under Network 2006 | All Rights Reserved

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